There is no mistaking the three-dimensionality of Sequential One, through the dial’s several layers and the sheer volume of the case. At first glance, the hour markers on the prism paired with the minutes central disk offer instant and intuitive reading through the unique display. The complexity of the dial’s architecture reveals the beating heart of the movement, highlighting the Côtes de Genève hand finish of the cross bridge.


The designer took inspiration from the elegant designs of classic 1940’s British automobiles. This approach represents one of the key values of the brand: a permanent and authentic quest for elegance, combined with an audacious taste for adventure.


The technically complex sequential time display was fundamental in developing our own mechanical movement to drive the timepiece. The power required to drive the movement, spin the sapphire minutes disk and turn the prisms presented a considerable horological challenge. To meet the challenge, MCT has produced a complex, highly reliable hand-wound movement of 471 components.


The dial has a unique and technical aesthetic: while four modules display the hours by means of five triangular prisms, which pivot to reveal the time, a central minute disc turns successively 90° counterclockwise each hour to display the time. The Sequential One features the enchanting and extraordinary Breguet terminal curve which controls the rhythm of the movement. When fully wound, the Sequential One has a power reserve of 40 hours. Never before had the dialogue between hours and minutes been so playful and clear. Sequential One – S100 is the point where traditional know-how meets freedom of creation.


The Sequential Two is available in red gold with dark dial features or white gold with light dial features. Each limited to 99 pieces. The Sequential Two – S200 has evolved into a black-coated 18K white gold case. This limited edition carries only nine watches in three color models. Our famous hour markers on the prism are presented in a deep blue, a lemon green or a sparkling orange. The black DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating on 18K white gold case is the quintessence of contemporary luxury – exclusive, smart and discreet.


The elegant soft lines of the 45 mm watch case are crafted from 18 carat white or pink gold. Each limited to 99 pieces. The watch display is viewed, front and back, through sapphire crystal glass which is treated with an anti-reflective coating. A sapphire insert placed between the components of the case brings light into the movement, revealing the fine details of the micromechanical finish. The lug collars which anchor the strap are a unique feature of the Sequential One. These collars were carefully designed to allow the timepiece to rest easily on the wrist and to add a touch of refinement and singularity.

S110 Evo Vantablack

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Sequential One S110 Evo Vantablack